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Weather Software



Software to schedule downloads of image files,weather charts, files etc from the Internet

  • Brackachart  Gotz Romahn’s Perl script based on Francis Breame's work


  • Autoget This program can completely automate retrieval of selected data from the Dundee, EUMETSAT and GSFC Web sites, and much other weather data

Les Hamilton’s Software

Satellite Software

  Footprint CLUT Creator HRPT Console Metop Browser/Joiner Metop File Splitter GAC File Splitter Smooth MODIS
HDF Reader
for Feng Yun-2 and MTSAR-1R Mapping Tools ETOPO2 Earth Mapper Mars MOLA Mapper Reference GEO Quarterly Index

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  • Reference



Since 2001, UltimaSerial has been offering powerful data acquisition ActiveX-control based device driver for DATAQ Instrument's data acquisition device DI-154, DI-194RS and DI-195B, or WinDaq Starter kits, as well as the latest USB-based DI-148, DI-158, DI-710, DI-715B and DI-718B. Ultimaserial also supports Dataforth's USB-based SLX718.

UltimaSerial provides powerful functions to access analog inputs/outputs, digital inputs/outputs, event counters, and various trigger modes. It also comes with many samples that's why DATAQ Instruments recommend UltimaSerial to their customers as a third-party tool to program Windaq Starter kits.


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