Inyo Force Balance Seismometer

Cutting the aluminium boom can be quite tedious without a milling machine, taking at least 2 -3 hours using hacksaw and drill.

John Harris from Morphett Vale, near Adelaide contacted me with an idea to use High Pressure Water Profile Cutting. He then contacted a company in Adelaide who offered to supply and cut the Towers (5 pcs), Base Plate (1 pc) and Boom (1 pc).

Result, the accuracy is exceptional and the cut edges required little to no finishing. The water cutters also offered to “drill” the various holes. No doubt they could have but we elected to do ourselves to keep the cost down. The approximate cost of “supplying and cutting” these 7 pieces was $AU80. Postage to my place from Adelaide was approx $AU15

So for $AU95 a set of the main parts for the seismometer can be obtained cut to exact dimension. Considering the time spent sourcing the different materials and if you elected to job-out the cutting to a metal manufacturer to mill out the boom, his cost could far exceed this, just for the boom.

Photos showing the boom being cut from a length of Aluminium 76.2 x 50.8 x 6.35 mm Angle, water pressure approx 10,000psi.







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